Summer is here, vacations have been planned and you’re ready to sport that bikini body that you’ve worked on for months in advance. What happens when you get to that all-inclusive resort and start indulging in those delicious pastries, grand buffet, and open bar? It can be so difficult to stick to that diet you’ve worked so hard at all year long. Here are some tips for staying on track during vacation and so you won’t feel guilty when you return home and step on the scale.

Grocery Shop

If you have a mini fridge or rental home, stop by the local market or grocery store and pick up some healthier options. This way you won’t slip up after when you’re starving after a long day of outings or when they don’t have anything but pastries available for breakfast. Bring healthy snacks and water with you on outings.

One Big Splurge

Every place has a unique dish or cuisine that they’re known for and you’ll definitely want to try it. Allow yourself one big splurge that you won’t feel guilty about and you won’t feel that you missed out either.


Portion sizes can be huge so sharing will ensure that you over consume calories. Go ahead and try a heavy fried local dish with a friend.


Be selective when ordering and try to choose options with more veggies and protein and less gluten, carbs, and sugar. Try to select the lighter menu options whenever they’re available.

Plan Ahead

Going in with a game plan is always a wise decision. Most people tend to overeat when they’re stressed or overwhelmed but if you have the right mindset and go in with a game plan then you’ll be less likely to slip up.

Happy travels!