Save time on cooking to focus on what's really important.

How it Works

  • Phone Consultation
    As a new Mint client we’ll set up a phone consultation to speak with you about your needs to determine the right service for you.
  • Menu Planning
    Each time you book a service we’ll send you a customized menu proposal based off of your dietary needs & preferences to ensure everything is to your liking.We include a variety of nutritious foods in our meal plans, including a mix of proteins, vegetables, starches, and anything else you may request. This service provides a week’s worth of meals for you and your family.
  • Grocery shopping
    Your chef will shop at your favorite grocery store or market before arriving to your home.
  • In-home cooking
    Your chef will spend about 4 hours or so cooking all the dishes. The meals are packaged, labeled, and placed in your fridge to easily reheat throughout the week. You’ll be left with a fridge full of food and a clean kitchen. When you arrive home, all you’ll need to do is reheat and eat your gourmet chef prepared meals!
  • Booking Service
    Give it a try to see if it’s a good fit before continuing. No commitment required. If you love it then you’ll have the option to continue weekly. Stop & resume service at anytime.

Pricing starts at $70 per hour plus groceries.
Contact us now to speak more about how we can help with your specific needs and get a quote!

The Fun Doesn't End There!

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