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Now servicing the Greater Los Angeles area!

Eat Deliciously.

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Now servicing the Greater Los Angeles area – Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Orange County 


Truly Fresh, Truly Tasty.

We provide healthy, fresh food for you and your family cooked in the comfort of your own home! Contact us now to see how our chef's can help you take the hassle out of healthy eating.


Weekly In-Home Chef-Prepared Meals

Have a professional chef cook healthy, nutritious meals customized to your preferences giving you back your time.


Charming Chef-Prepared Dinner Parties

Choose from our sample menus or we'll design one for you. Have a chef cook for your in-home dinner party and impress your guests.


Premium Chef Services

We also provide exclusive in-home cooking classes, private chef services for high-end clientele, farmer's market tours, and more!

Creating Happy Eaters

"An absolutely wonderful and delicious experience! Professional, fun, talented chefs and I can't wait to use them again!! I worked with Julie on developing a Greek-inspired menu for 2 and in every way possible it was fantastic."

~ Chris L.
Manhattan, NY

"Me and my girlfriends had Julie cater a wine night for us and I couldn't say enough good things about her! All of the food she prepared was phenomenal and the presentation wasn't lacking in any way shape or form. She's a sweetheart and surely found her calling as a chef."

~ Tara F.
Mesa, AZ

"Julie was extremely easy to work with from the very beginning and was accommodating to all of the changes we made along the way. She was also super understanding about the dietary restrictions some of our guests had."

~ Nicole G.
Manhattan, NY

About Mint

Head Chef Julie & her team of chefs dedicate their time and talents to creating customized meals based on your needs, diet, and schedule.

As top culinary trained professional chefs, the Mint team has valuable industry and in-home chef experience. We enjoy cooking international cuisines and for various health-conscious diets:

  • Gluten-free
  • Paleo
  • Healthy Comfort
  • And more!

Yummy News

Keep up with new recipes and techniques to modernize the way you eat today. See what’s new with Mint and our passion for creating nutritious and delicious food.

Let us do the cooking!

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle without stressing about meals.

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