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Chef Eve


Chef Eve began her culinary career after leaving the technology industry in 2008. After attaining her diploma from the French Culinary Institute in New York City, she got a job as a pastry cook at Missy Robbins’ A Voce. She then spent time in the kitchens of Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, James Beard Award-winning Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis, and then worked at Tom Colicchio’s Craft for two years, where she became Pastry Sous Chef. 


She then helmed the bread, pasta, and pastry programs of three restaurants in Queens, where she lived, and made the transition to the savory kitchen. She worked her way up to Chef of Vesta, a trattoria which was listed by Zagat as one of NYC’s top 50 restaurants during her tenure as Chef. 


Eve then left the New York area and landed a job in remote Alaska as Pastry Chef of a high-end adventure lodge, a NatGeo Unique Lodge. She also took on the role of Culinary Instructor and taught cooking classes to lodge guests and half-day cooking schools to visitors from Homer and beyond. Eve is now in the Los Angeles area sharing her ingredient-focused style of cuisine with both clients and students.

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Chef Anna

Chef Anna is originally from Denver, Colorado where she received her culinary degree from Johnson and Wales University, a top culinary school in the US. She started her career as a line cook in some of Denver's best fine dining restaurants and quickly moved up through the ranks to Sous Chef and then Executive Chef.  After thoroughly exploring the fledgling Denver dining scene, Anna moved to Los Angeles to see what exciting culinary avenues awaited her. Here in LA, she started her journey as a personal chef cooking for private clients in their homes as well as private dinner parties.

Though her chef coat says Anna, in the kitchen she has long been known as Animal for the style with which she cooks. Chef Anna approaches the creation of food with a deep passion, a respect for nuance, and a sense of adventure that excites even the most jaded of palettes.  Although she had a formal training in traditional French cuisine, developing an impeccable classic cooking technique; she now applies this fine dining technique to a global variety of flavors that she explores, discovers, and manipulates by traveling, learning, and eating as much as humanly possible— creating a modern and unique dining experience. She loves using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and cooks everything from South East Asian to South American cuisine. 

When she's not in the kitchen you can find her soaking up some sun in beautiful LA or hopping on a plane in search of the next great adventure.

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Chef Tarrick

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended the University of Cincinnati. Chef Tarrick was introduced to the hospitality industry while a senior in high school and discovered his passion for cooking while working as a dishwasher in a small café. Perseverance and determination earned him a position at a high-end establishment which was named one of OpenTable’s top 100 restaurants at the age of 19 years old.

This dining establishment would provide a foundation on which Chef Tarrick cultivated a greater understanding of Italian cuisine and earned the coveted honor of having one of his dishes added to the restaurant’s seasonal menu. Energized with desire to further his growth as a chef, he packed his belongings, his dog Cyrus, and returned to California to pursue his next level of excellence in his career.

He worked for a corporate caterer where he learned to appeal to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. Later on he would serve as the head chef of the city of Long Beach’s first winery, where in addition to writing the menu he would learn the art of wine pairing. Challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity for Chef Tarrick to redirect his focus and start working as a personal chef. He currently works as a personal chef for MINT cooking healthy meal prep for clients

When Tarrick isn’t cooking up a storm you can find him gardening, shopping for antiques, collecting vinyl records and shooting photos with his medium format film camera.

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Chef Luke

Chef Luke is a Los Angeles native and has been professionally cooking for the last 7 years. He started his culinary career in north county San Diego working at the Four Seasons Market Restaurant & Bar under 2 time James Beard nominated Carl Schroeder and Dija Mara under Ryan Costanza (from Coi and Atelier Cren). They were awarded best restaurant in San Diego for 2018. 


Chef Luke then came back to Los Angeles to work for Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air as well as Spago. He  had the privilege to work at restaurants like Rustic Canyon, Angler, and Providence during his time back in Los Angeles. 


He enjoys being able to take all the influence of flavors and techniques that he’s learned over the years and bring that same fine dining quality into the private setting of people’s homes. When he’s not cooking you can find him at the beach surfing, painting or reading. He also tends to his garden where he grows his own seasonal herbs and produce.


Chef Elyse

A Southern California native, Chef Elyse has been cooking professionally for 18 years and has been in the kitchen since childhood. She has helped open many popular restaurants across Los Angeles and loves to put her own signature spin on each menu she creates. A student at heart, she enjoys studying culinary history and trends to sharpen her ability to make delicious meals.

Chef Elyse has had the opportunity to work with a variety of celebrity chefs and learn from their many years of expertise as well. She has spent the last few years as a production caterer on blockbuster movies and television shows and learned a great deal along the way including a large range of dietary restrictions and health-conscious cooking. Before that she had worked as a private chef for a private client and always dreamt of moving back into private cheffing. She now works for Mint Personal Chef cooking for private clients and their families doing weekly meal prep. 

Outside of the kitchen, Chef Elyse served in the military and deployed to Afghanistan in which she received multiple medals for distinguished service.


Chef Christian 

Chef Christian was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, home of the Best Blue Crab. There he started his culinary adventure working at both his local church and “The Maryland Club” where he really learned the basics of cooking under his mentors, Chef Jamel and Chef Eargle.

After graduating high school he decided to further his education at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Upstate, New York. He learned everything from proper cooking techniques, to seafood butchery, baking and pastry, to learning regional grape varieties for wine making. Half way through the curriculum,  he had to do an internship so he packed his bags and said bye CIA and hello to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There he worked in a James Beard Awarded Restaurant called Moxy. His time at Moxy taught him the “Hand to Table” concept because all of the produce and proteins were directly from the farm that was maintained by the cooks and wait staff.

After completing his internship, he returned to CIA and graduated with his culinary degree. He then moved to New York City where he got the amazing opportunity to work in the Michelin Restaurant Meadowsweet. He worked alongside a lot of great chefs and it taught him a great deal about the Mediterranean style of cooking.

After a few years of being in New York he was ready for a change of scenery so when a private client requested him to cook for their family he jumped at the opportunity. What better place to move to than sunny California! After cooking privately in-home he discovered the world of personal cheffing. He now cooks for Mint clients cooking up healthy meal prep for them and their families. When Chef Bailey isn’t cooking amazing food for clients, he’s out eating!

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Chef Wil

Born in El Salvador, Chef Wil really enjoyed his childhood growing up eating his grandmother’s food. It instilled in him the taste for seasonings and flavors, as well as the importance of family togetherness at the table when food was served.

Chef Wil acquired his diploma in 2012 from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Art School in Pasadena. Soon after he got his first job at ESPN Zone as a cook and months later he got his first offer as Sous Chef. Eventually he was invited to help with the opening of a new restaurant right in the epicenter of Los Angeles, Tom's Urban LA live, a restaurant owned by the food scientist Toms Ryan. A year later he was promoted as the executive chef which was a huge accomplishment in his career.

Wil also had the opportunity to work with Simms Restaurants. A small chain of prestigious restaurants on the beaches of Manhattan Beach as Executive Chef.

Wil currently enjoys working as a personal chef where he combines his experience in restaurants with his passion of cooking different types of cuisines while accommodating client’s dietary needs and preferences. He cooks a wide range of cuisines and also specializes in gluten-free and dairy-free cooking and loves cooking everything from meats to vegetarian cuisine.

When Wil is not cooking, he spends time with his family. He loves to see and share his daughter's little adventures, biking, hiking, and playing soccer.

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Chef Sean

Before finding his footing in the Culinary industry Chef Sean was climbing the proverbial ladder in the fast and ruthless Film industry.

In 2007 Hollywood’s writer’s guild went on 100 days of strike. Not willing to cross the picket lines and struggling to make ends meet, he decided to find other sources of income. After a short stint in office work, he immediately decided to never again work a job that he wasn’t passionate about. Sean has two passions in life, Film and Food. He then enrolled himself at Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts.

After graduation he was presented with the opportunity to study abroad. He shipped off to Les Baux de Provence, France where he received an intense education of high-end cuisine. Sean studied under renowned Chefs, Michel Hulin, at La Cabro d’Or and Jean-Andre Charial at L’OUSTAU DE BAUMANIERE, a three Michelin starred restaurant.

A year later he found himself in the middle of the Caribbean, working for the ever-tabooed Club Med. During this time, he took advantage of his opportunities to mingle amongst the locals who willingly invited him into their homes and into the local kitchens to learn their distinct flavor profiles and preparation techniques.

Sean returned stateside in 2012 and since has assisted in the opening and success of some of LA’s hottest restaurants. Including Wally’s Vinoteca Beverly Hills, Le Petit Paris DTLA, and Beauty and Essex Hollywood, Led by Celebrity Chef, Chris Santos.

Sean joined the Mint team in late 2020 and is looking forward to serving you a smorgasbord of courses from around the globe. When he is not in the kitchen feeding hungry guests. Sean can be found somewhere on set, feeding his other passion.


Chef Danelle

Chef Danelle is a Los Angeles native and  has been cooking professionally for the last 6 years. She started her culinary career in New York City as a performance chef focusing on sports nutrition. She worked closely with nutritionists to create custom meal plans for clients. She cooked in home for professional athletes as a personal chef and loved the customization of cooking on a more personal level for clients.

While it was always a dream of hers to live in NYC she made her way back home to Los Angeles to dive deeper into her culinary career. She packed up and traveled to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy and Mexico. She was on a quest for hands-on knowledge, determined to learn more about international cuisine. With wide eyes and sense of wanderlust she has cooked in many places around the globe bringing home not only memories to last a lifetime but new culinary skills that bring authentic flavors to her clients.

Chef Danelle now enjoys cooking as a personal chef for Mint. She would describe her cooking style as California cooking with an international influence. When she is not cooking you can find her at the local farmers market in search of fresh, seasonal goodies. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog Henli. 



Chef Kristiana 

Born and raised in the South, Chef Kristiana has always been in and around the kitchen. While living in South Florida she learned about Spanish and Caribbean cuisine, but after relocating to Georgia her southern roots really started to take place. Her culinary career began catering for weddings and events all over the South including the renowned movies Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.  

She then decided to head West and go to culinary school at the International Culinary Center of California and graduated  top of her class from the International Culinary Center of California. She’s  interned at Michelin Starred Protégé of Palo Alto and worked for several different restaurants honing her skills in Italian &  Japanese cuisine as well as bread, pastry, and chocolate making. 

Kristiana now resides in Los Angeles where she enjoys meal prepping for clients, catering dinner parties, and teaching cooking classes. When she isn’t cooking you can find her doing yoga, hiking with her dog Kyra, or gardening.

Chef Jaclyn

Chef Jaclyn

After working 10 years Front of House in restaurants from Midtown, Manhattan up to Portland, Maine Chef Gallo was ready to learn more about the industry and begin her culinary education. She graduated from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont and began her journey as a chef. At Vermont Farms Catering, she trained closely under the owner and Executive Chef Kevin Lasko of Park Avenue, NYC; learning skills and techniques of catering intimate dinner parties and corporate events, to grand weddings of over 200. She also has extensive restaurant experience. As head chef of Down Home Kitchen in Montpelier, Vermont; the restaurant was featured in Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide as one of the top 5 brunches to visit in New England. 

In 2018 Chef Gallo traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer on grounds that grew over 300 medicinal plants and herbs to learn about in depth and cook with. Her career took her to the West Coast and while working under multiple Michelin starred chef Tony Esnault, at Knifepleat, the restaurant was featured in Orange Coast Magazine as a best new restaurant in California. She also worked as a Sous Chef for renowned Executive Chef Ross Pangilinan after he won Rising Chef of the year award, as well as Best Chef in Orange County, in 2019. She is currently a Sous Chef at the Four Star Forbes rated preferred luxury resort Balboa Bay in Newport Beach as well as a personal chef for Mint doing meal prep and dinner parties for private clients.

Culminating from her vast professional experience, Chef Gallo combines her skills to provide delicious and healthy food crafted with expertise. During her free time, you can find Chef Gallo traveling to explore new places and enjoying the love of her golden retriever, Buddy.