It’s a fact that today the majority of pot and pans are made from aluminum. There is a huge concern about the toxicity of the materials which potentially leeches into the food that we then ingest. We say that it’s better safe than sorry, so don’t risk it!

Instead of searching for hours on what types of pans you should buy, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks! Choose from this list of pots and pans and you’ll feel confident you made the right decision.

Studies have linked aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease and other major health problems. This controversial issue leaves consumers confused on whether their families are at risk or not when cooking at home. It’s not enough to cook with healthy ingredients alone.

Included are a brief description of why we like each of these cookware sets. Click on the photo and it’ll take you straight to Amazon to view more!

Cast Iron Skillet

Why?: No harmful toxins are released, only essential mineral (iron). It is actually beneficial if you have low iron. It’s naturally non-stick and super easy to clean as well! It’s one of the more economical investments if you’re not looking to spend a fortune.

Ceramic Cookware 

Why: It contains no toxic substances because they’re made with water and silica. They are durable, non-stick and also environmentally friendly!

Green Pan Set

Xtrema Cookware 

Scan Pan

Stainless Steel

Why: It’s a less risky material than aluminum since it’s less likely to leech toxic metals. There was some concern amongst researchers about chromium from stainless steel, but this mineral is both essential and currently deficient in the diets of many U.S. adults

Try: All-Clad Cookware set 

As chefs cookware is super important for the outcome of the food. Your food will taste that much better having the piece of mind that both the ingredients and cookware is top quality.

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*Disclaimer: We are not doctors or nutritionists. We do not claim to help cure any condition or disease. Please seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional  if you have concerns or need advice. 

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